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Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the United States and with that growth, our club has grown into a well-recognized entity within the community.

Youngstown Steel Valley Rugby Club (YSVRC) has grown over the past couple of years in popularity and team growth. During our 2011 fall season we only won one game. For the past 4 years, YSVRC had winning records and progressed to the midwest playoffs from 2013 to 2015. Our growth as a team involved hard work, traveling, and playing as many games possible to help players, both old and new, become more familiar and fluent with the sport of rugby. Our expenses as a team have grown because of the many games played throughout the year, especially with traveling to away games.

The expenses involved with the club are for traveling for away matches, referee fees, match fees, practice equipment, game balls, home field maintenance, and medical equipment.

We are looking for sponsors to help with our club expenses so we can continue with our growth and build a local rugby community for both adults and youth.

Your company would be recognized as our sponsor on all club literature, newsletters, printed material, websites, and events. Our team has gained much recognition from news media outlets and with locals attending our matches.

Your sponsorship will act as an investment for you because of the advertisement of your name at our events and other outlets. With your sponsorship, you will have an advertisement on our website that can link to your desired page.

If you’re interested in sponsoring our club, please contact the treasurer, Alex Franco, for sponsorship levels at Or you can simply donate now to our club using the PayPal button below.